Happiness After Tear Downs

Happiness Starts Within

Have you ever seen women tear down other women? Have you ever been around that one person who loves putting others down, spreading negativity to everyone around them? It can be hard to be around without letting some of that negative get inside of you.  Especially hard for those lost souls who do not know their worth and who you are. When you know who you are, nothing can pierce through your heart and damage your Happiness.

It's important for your happiness to not absorb that negative energy.  Nothing good is gained from either side. It gives you and them absolutely nothing but a toxic life killing, and soul-killing environment.  When someone is talking bad about us we know when they are doing this, we can feel it even though we may not be right there when they say it.  Without saying a word a person can tell when someone doesn't like them.  And if you don't know, some of us are brought aware by "Flying Monkeys" who enjoy letting us know. 

We live in a world today that is so divided, God is gone in the lives of many, schools are even away from God.  Happiness is achieved when we lift others up.  Try to lift each other up instead, send life-giving words of encouragement, and celebrate everyone's successes together.

If your life sucks right now and you have a hard time with this maybe you need to change what you are doing. Start with reprograming your brain to do good.  Feed your mind, body, and soul with good things daily.  You need to make this apart of your daily life by feeding yourself positive life-giving words.  Get plugged into a community of like-minded people who enjoy seeing others happy, with those who have the same core values and beliefs that you do.  What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow.  Be sure to sow good seeds always in the life of others, and even in your own brain for your own life.  When you speak life-giving words to yourself or to someone else, to them, or behind their back, this gives you and the other person much more life-giving food for a happy mind, body, and soul.

That is how a Life of Happiness starts, and most importantly how to teach the next generation how to live a Life of Happiness.  It all starts with a choice, make the choice today.  You would be doing good for this day and time now, and for all of your kids, grandkids, and the generations to come. The world needs much more good.  The world needs you to rise up and be more.  Help the world be a happier place, make it a great day.

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